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S's blue


          The art of Shinichi and Saori Kato pops with vivid color, bold graphics and the streets of Oahu. Inspired by the island’s scenery the husband and wife team known as S’s Blue approach their painting with a unique perspective, from behind the wheel of The Bus.  Shinichi, a driver for the Honolulu City Bus has a daily front row seat to the view that most people dream of.  On days off he and his wife Saori would explore the island by motorcycle in awe of Hawaii’s beauty and together they found a passion for recreating the breathtaking scenes from the driver’s seat.


          Shinichi “Shin” Kato always had a love for music and art.  Originally from Kamakura Japan he began his career as a musician and played bass professionally for over twenty years in bands throughout Japan, Seattle and Los Angeles. Saori left her home in Gunma Japan to attend California State University Long Beach.  She developed an interest in art and inspired by bold shapes and colors, decided to pursue a degree in graphic design.  In 2005 the two met in California and four years later called Hawaii home.  The couple soon discovered that that Shin’s love of drawing worked well with Saori’s keen eye for graphics and together began to collaborate. Each brings their expertise to the design and together they paint the vibrant colors and that express their style.


           Shin and Saori found a new way to bring the island sites to the collector.  The combination of the ocean, popular landmarks and landscapes that line the famous streets of Oahu become the setting for their eye-catching images. Locals and tourists alike find their brilliant color, bold shapes and striking graphics a great memory of their own driving tours as they navigate the streets and sites of Oahu.



 Shin Bruce KatoとSaori T. Kato夫婦による共同制作。ハワイ、ホノルル在住アーティスト。Shinはシアトル、カリフォルニア、そしてハワイと拠点を変えながら、音楽やアートの制作に没頭する。現在はオアフ島を走る市バスThe Busの運転手を務めており、ハワイの自然や日々目にする印象深い景色、バスやバイクの運転席からの景色を独自の目線で表現している。Saoriはコロラド、カリフォルニアで学生時代を過ごし、カリフォルニア州立大学ロングビーチ校、グラフィックデザイン学科を卒業。現在のプロジェクトでは、20世紀アートの大胆で鮮やかな色使いから影響を受けた色彩感覚で、主に配色を担当。また、構図も含めた全体像の、プロデュース的な役割を担っている。


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S's blue

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